My best friend.

Miss Pre

My current bestie is Miss Pre.

Miss Pre is very much a Little Miss. Intelligent and clever, and also, apparently, her most important job is to make me laugh.She dances, walks around on her hind legs, and does tricks to get my attention, and to make me laugh. She, like me, is also a bird watcher. She is very quiet when we are watching the birds. I spotted her this morning just staring quietly within a metre from a Turtle Dove and a Blackbird that were feeding in my garden. I feed the wildbirds every morning, and they in turn keep spiders and pests away from my house and yard. Miss Pre chased the neighbouring cats away from the bird feeder when we first moved in. I did try to teach Miss Pre to chase the Turtle Doves away, as they do make a mess, but I think that was too big a responsibility for those aggressive birds. It does say a lot about what the birds think of this small dog, as the birds are happy and content to do whatever they like, regardless the dog is so close to them. It is not in Miss Pre’s nature to be aggressive or harmful to people or animals, nor insects. She is inquisitive about them and loves sniffing around and looking at them.

Miss Pre’s name. Pre is short for precocious, pretty and precious.


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