Story about a Nobody

This is my story. I hope it will be as inspiring and interesting to the readers as it has been for me. I am currently at another set of cross roads in life. So far I have been able to correctly choose which roads i would take in life, to get me where I wanted to be on life’s journey.

There are millions of Nobodies in this world. They are everywhere, quietly going about their lives with fulfilment and commitment. You will not see headlines in the news about them, nor their achievements, or their trials and tribulations in life.

They are the quiet achievers, they fly below the radar. Life is not about gaining fame and fortune, but it is all about being a good person, in the short time we each have to dance on this earth for just one lifetime.

Everything was going according to plan, as I had envisaged and drafted many, many years earlier.

I had put some areas of my life on hold, put some things aside for another day, another journey as life evolved. There is a time and place for everything, or so I thought in my well planned diary of life.

I had sought and achieved a very successful career as a Taxation Accountant, together with living in one of my favourite patches on earth. I had raised two daughters, and been a sole operator for the past 35 years. I married young and divorced young after just 12 years of marriage. Marriage was not a priority, in fact I had watched and admired the many spinsters I had met as a young child. I loved and adored my children, I admired them and was incredibly proud of them.

I had wanted to become an Artist when I was young, but luckily with my parents guidance I became a Professional instead. I did promise myself there would be plenty of time to indulge in my art when all other goals in life had been met, or in retirement, or of my choosing.

Then suddenly, after entering semi retirement and returning to my roots, in the country, to live an idyllic lifestyle of living in both the country and the city, my whole world crashed.

My beautiful daughter, my first-born child, the love of my life, was killed in a car accident. It was just nine months into my new life, another phrase in life’s journey.

Her death, just 22 months ago, has been devastating, catastrophic.

All my goals and wishes and life long dreams have been smashed.

You see, she was not just a daughter. She was my whole life, my soul mate, my best friend, my most vocal critic, my biggest supporter, and my inspiration. She was the first person I turned to for advice, friendship, and everything that I needed in life.

Other people have partners and friends as soul mates. I chose my daughter. we were both very alike and similar in so many ways, but we were also very different and I admired her independence, and her individuality.

I have lost my raison d’etre. I feel I am in nowhere land. I am lost without her. Nothing seems important to me anymore, whereas everything was important before. In so many ways I feel blessed that I knew her, and had so much time with her, but at the same time I feel lost without her.

I hope you the reader will join me on this journey into unknown territory.


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