Rock n Roll, Fast Cars and having fun in the 60’s


I loved growing up in the 1960’s. We had so much fun, good clean fast and dangerous fun. We did not need alcohol or drugs to get into the mood for fun.

I had died my natural blonde hair to black, and wore it in a Jackie Onassis bouffant style. We hung around the cafe’s, where most had a Juke Box, and we drank Milk Shakes, danced and watched our mates drag car racing.

I met a group of people, car freaks we called them. There were the Holden boys and the Ford Boys. I opted to go with the Ford boys, and for fun we dragged each other up and down the main drag on Saturday nights, we held drag races  all around the surrounding suburbs and country towns.

We raced our cars, and dragged up and down the Hume Highway. We were chased by the Coppers on many occasions, but rarely caught.

We drag raced down near Chiltern to a haunted House, on  an old country road, it was dangerous, but it was also fun.

We were members of the local Hot Rod Club. John had many Hot Rods, and Hotted up fords over the years.

There was the car races at the Hume Weir circuit, and Benalla Raceway to look forward to.

I eventually married one of the Ford boys. He allowed me to drive his cars while we were dating. I had been driving for more than five years, before I finally decided to get my licence at age 21. I had seen a lot of new police in town, and figured although I had a clean driving record, and had never been caught so far, I had better do the right thing.

Dad came with me for my Driver Licence Road Test. Dad knew I had been driving for years, but was surprised I had never bothered to get my licence. Dad said he would keep the instructor occupied, distracted with jokes etc. The driving lesson was fine, but when we returned to the Police station, the young policeman suggested I should take the test, without Dad distracting his attention. Of course I passed the test with flying colours. I tried to keep a low profile, out of sight at the Police Station, since I had seen two policeman, and they had seen me, driving on my own, without an L Plate, earlier in the day.

I loved the fashions in the 60’s, the Chanel suits, and the huge skirts with rope petticoats we wore underneath. We were dressed more like the Rockers, and there was also the fringe fashions of the Bodgies and Widgies.

We loved the Rock N Roll Artists and Bands that visited Albury, we loved the music.

Those  were the days my friends, we thought they would never end.

PS; I could not find any photos on the net for the Widgie Fashion. It was black skin tights, tight tops, boots, belts, and Biker Style Jackets. ie like a female biker. Nothing like the pansy style as  per some photos on google that profess to be Widgies.


One response to “Rock n Roll, Fast Cars and having fun in the 60’s

  1. I, also, grew up during the 60s. I remember all the guys tinkering with the engines in their muscle cars after school. I had a maroon Catalina ’65 with a V8 that drew lots of attention (I needed all the help I could get).
    As for fashion, how about all the Jackie O pillbox hats? And I loved my white go-go boots. I was green with envy when I saw my first two-piece bathing suit, and couldn’t wait to get one.

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