Melissa and her Horses

IMG_0007 Melissa 7 on Bacardi. Bacardi  had been a stock horse, and frightened of men. Melissa trained him, and they both excelled in all her riding competitions. He was also very good at Barrel Racing.Melissa n BacardiIMG_0001 (2)

Competing at a Gymkhana

IMG_0009Melissa on Angel, her 4th horse. Melissa and Angel had been training in Dressage. Vandals cut Angels fence one night, both my horses Angel and Rex ran onto the Hume Highway. Angel was hit by a car, she was not badly hurt, but she hurt a Tendon, and was unfit for Dressage or Riding Competitions after this accident.

mk on tubbyMelissa on her first pony Tubby. We rescued Tubby, we found him with Laminitis, his little hooves were almost 12″ long. It took months with the Farrier to get his hooves back to normal, where he could walk properly, and without pain again. Years later I sold him to the daughter of a family friend. We went to check on him after 4 months. You would not believe it, he was founded again, this time with old shoes. she said she thought the shoes would last him for years. I took him home, ours would be his Forever Home. I could not trust other people to look after horses properly. She should have known better, her father was a horseman, she had grown up with horses.

My main horses were paddocked opposite our house. the paddock was at the rear of the Drive In theatre. There were often vandals around, that cut the fences, or did damage in the paddock.

The police  woke me at 4.00am one morning, they said they had one of my children in the back of the van. I was taken aback, impossible I said, both my girls are in bed. They laughed, said we will prove it. There in the back of the van was little Tubby. Unbelievable, they had found him wandering down the main street. Vandals had cut the lower fence wires, and Tubby crawled out underneath, and went for a walk, exploring the town.


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