Children love their greens and vegetables with secret sauces

If you want your children to eat their greens, and vegetables and salads, add these healthy secret sauces to their dish.

I make a Three Cheese Sauce, but you can make the cheese sauce with just one cheese, or a five cheese sauce, the choice is yours. I make a large pot of sauce, enough to last about three days, and I add it to most of my vegetables. Just pour the sauce over the vegetables and watch your children clean their plates.

I use low fat but tasty cheeses, and low fat milk for my Cheese Sauces. My favourite Cheese Sauce includes four to five slices of ordinary sliced low fat cheddar cheese, this forms the base cheese flavour for the sauce. Then I add slices of a Tasty cheese, stirred into until the cheese is melted and the sauce cooked. Finally  I add the very tasty shredded Italian Parmesan Cheese, to give the sauce the extra pizzazz.

You can add the Cheese Sauce to Creamed or Mashed potato, and all  the vegetables on the plate.

Another favourite, is to add the cool, home made mayonnaise, to the hot or cold vegetables and salads. Or make up a Sweet and Sour Sauce, or a delicious Taco sauce. Keep a supply of at least one sauce in the fridge at all times, to save making a new sauce everyday. You can buy a Mild Chilli Sauce the children will love, and simply pour it over everything on the plate.

I have not met a child yet, or a former’ vegetable hater’, who has not been converted, and succumbed to my delicious sauce dishes.

Cheese Sauce is particularly nice with fish, and the best brain foods.



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