My favourite foods & family recipes

I am a stickler for my favourite foods. I still eat the same foods that I ate as a child. I love the staple diet of  meat and three vegies, home made stews that I can eat on toast for breakfast , or with fresh bread at lunchtime, or with vegetables for dinner.

My home made burgers are to die for. I use the same recipe for the hamburgers as I do for the meatballs. Minced Steak, mixed with chopped onion, mixed with flour and egg to bind it together. My hamburgers are stacked with lettuce, tomato and beetroot, the burger and a soft poached egg. The thick toast bread is toasted on one side only, and soft on the inside.

Potato salad, French salad, Caesar salad, Seafood salad  and Tomato and onion salad are made all year. I make my own mayonnaise dressing, and use it as a dressing for all my salads. The mayonnaise is made from Condensed Milk, mustard, vinegar and vegetable oil. It is quick, simple and delicious, made up in two minutes.

I missed my favourite cake, the Napoleon. None of the Bakery or Cake Shops stock it today. I searched most of Melbourne and could not find the cake. I have spent months experimenting to find the right Puff Pastry that lies in the centre. The Puff Pastry centre must be slightly crisp, but breaks and melts in the mouth. The cake itself is a simple sponge or vanilla sponge recipe, with a layer of Puff Pastry in the centre, with a layer of strawberry jam, sandwiched in between the two layers of pastry.

I make a heavenly French Vanilla Slice and Tiramisu Cakes and Desserts. Trifle and Tiramisu are the absolute favourites now, although I have been so rapt in the French Vanilla slice that I serve it as dessert as often as a cake.

My mother was an excellent cook, and many of her recipes were passed down from generation to generation.

Meat is rarely eaten these days, although I cook Rump and Porterhouse Steaks for the Princess most nights.

I am also appalled at some of the recipes available on the internet, especially those using eggs, cream and for custard and cake recipes. Many were handed down from the earlier days, when people raised chooks and cows, and eggs and creams were cheap and freely available. I have seen recipes for Custards using six and eight eggs. Unbelievable. My mother made the most heavenly custard using two eggs to serve six people. The amount of cream used in some of those internet recipes , are of heart attack proportions. Don’t get me started on the sizes of the patty cakes the young are cooking today.

Big is not beautiful, not to me, and not when it relates to food and the size of the servings I see out there today. Is there no such thing as finesse, or taste when it comes to food.

Christmas lunch is my favourite, with a Roast Turkey breast, with roasted potatoes, pumpkin, carrots , with peas and beans and gravy. Dessert was Trifle for years, but now I offer a choice of Trifle and Tiramisu. Guests  usually like both desserts.

My parents were big on entertaining, and they entertained often. High tea was the norm and very popular. My mother made the most exquisite sandwiches and cakes and slices. They were tiny morsels of food stacked with flavour. I am appalled at the reality cooking shows today, with the huge servings of mammoth proportions. I hate the oversized cakes the Bakeries and Cake shops sell now. No wonder people are fat and overweight.

I love having guests around for lunches and dinners. I offer small servings packed with flavour. I love showing off my cooking skills.

I rarely if ever buy takeaway food, I hate it. Coloured awful flavoured cardboard is my best description of this horrid stuff they call food. My taste buds go numb, or I am left with the most horrid after taste in my mouth.

When I was young I was skinny, no matter how much food I consumed, it made no difference. The Popeye Comic Character was a godsend to parents, and to me. I believed Popeye, and I adored spinach. I ate spinach like a rabbit eats lettuce leaves in your garden. I ate the spinach to make me big and strong, to give me muscles. I needed the strength and muscles to handle the horses and for my work on the farm.

I still love my spinach today, steamed or boiled, then covered with shredded Italian Parmesan cheese on top. I eat a plate of spinach and cheese as a meal, nothing else required.

Brain food has been my main diet for many years now. Spinach, cheese and tuna are my brains foods for breakfast to start the day.

I am not skinny. I look plump, although my average weight my entire adult life has hovered around the 45 -50 kgs

I lived in Toorak, Vic for twenty five years and ate out at most of the best restaurants Melbourne has to offer on a regular basis. I could copy and mimic some of the best recipes I found in those restaurants.

I love cooking, but have learnt to freeze most of the foods I cook, including the cakes and slices. Living alone I cannot afford to eat all those delicious foods, so I save them for my guests.

I will post the recipes for these foods at a later date.

Ps  All my photos of my cakes and slices were taken in the experimental stage. I have since perfected the recipes, so they look like masterpieces. The only problems were finding the correct amount, or combination of corn flour or arrowroot to  provide stability, and firmness to these recipes. The Tiramisu Cake has 8-10 layers, the French Vanilla Slice 6 layers, another slice has 6-8 layers.



3 responses to “My favourite foods & family recipes

    • Thank you. I have since perfected that slice. The blueberry needed a fraction more arrowroot to stabilise and firm it, so too the other ingredients. I find the Borg brand puff pastry gives the very best results. Each layer of pastry, once cooked is then split into two slices.

      Have you ever added a tomato or spicy chilli sauce to the hamburger mixture, before cooking ? This method gives a delicious burst of flavour inside the burger.

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