Recipes-Add an explosion of flavour to your recipe

My cooking skills were learnt from practice and experimenting with old fashion recipes, to give them some extra pizzazz. I love experimenting, adding an explosion of flavour, hidden inside, using my favourite foods and flavours added to different dishes.

For example Ferrero Rocher split in half and inserted into a cake recipe. I place this burst of  chocolate so that there is at least one explosion of flavour per slice. Naturally the chocolate melts inside whilst the cake is cooking, delicious.

Or add half a Ferrero Rocher into a cooled custard, or cream inside a dessert. The chocolate does not melt in this instance, it is a lovely surprise hidden inside the dessert.

Or layers of Puff Pastry inside a slice, with  delicious jam and cream layers, inside and outside of the pastry.

Sandwiches can be just as exciting for me. I love my pumpkin sandwiches, or Mashed potato with Worcestershire sauce sandwich.

I make a heavenly sweet and sour dish, usually with chicken, sometimes with pork. The sweet and sour sauce lends itself to be added to almost any dish. I have poured it over vegetables. I particularly like to make a Sweet and Sour Chicken sandwich. The chicken is chopped into smaller pieces than is usual for the main course, for these sandwiches.  Sometimes I add the usual vegetables, just as I would for the dish as a main course, but chopped into smaller pieces for the sandwich. Delicious tiny sandwiches, that burst with flavour.

My guests love my tiny handmade hamburgers, made smaller for the sandwich, or tiny steak sandwiches. Steak with Black Bean Sauce is another surprise.

Celery and home made mayo is another favourite, so too are Seafood Salad sandwiches. I make my own Seafood Salad, with Crab Meat, Pawns , celery and home made sauce.

I have a friend who adds tiny chopped pieces of liquorice to her chocolate cakes. I have thought about adding tiny slices of Liquorice Allsorts to some cakes. I think a whole Liqourice Allsort would be too hard and tough inside the cake or dessert.

Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs is another idea, I would like to experiment with, if only I can find them in the stores today. I think the big retailers bring them in for Christmas.

I  also like to add a thin layer of melted chocolate, tucked inside layers of Puff Pastry inside cakes and desserts. You can added finely chopped nuts, or fruits to the melted chocolate.

I prefer the Borg brand of Puff Pastry for my cake and dessert recipes. Once cooked, I split each layer into two layers, and use one layer at a time to enclose the burst of flavour between each slice. You can add or make as many layers as you like to the cakes and desserts. I do not add too much flavour or topping to the exterior of the dish, as I prefer the internal burst of flavour to give the dish the pizzazz and surprise required.



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