Children are not minature consumers

I am concerned about modern parents, who appear to be raising miniature consumers.

There is so much more parents should be teaching their children, and it is not consumerism. From my point of view, it appears to me, parents today are buying silence, and using technology as a replacement for mentoring, and child minding for their children.

I find the excuse, that modern mothers are too busy  today, to spend time with their children, as  absurd. I cannot help but notice these same mothers have a mobile phone to their ear, or they are too busy texting, and responding to all their social media contacts.

Their children no longer play and interact around the home, for they too are holding a mobile phone, or sitting in front of a PC or Laptop. Children are minding themselves, versus being mentored by adults and children alike, or learning the social skill of interacting with real people and children of their own age group.

My parents both worked full time in their own businesses. I worked full time while raising my family, and my children were my first priority. My children received my full attention, it was my responsibility to educate them, mentor them, encourage them in learning life skills, and ensure they had many hobbies and interests. My parents were exactly the same. Regardless of their working hours and obligations, we children knew we were their first priority. Unlike the children today, who are encouraged to allow technology to provide everything they need. There is absolutely no comparison. Face to face interaction is incredibly important in learning the social skills required to become a complete adult person. The lack of face to face interaction, where all the nuances of facial expression are missing, is no substitute for the most basics of human behaviour and interactions.

The idea that small children should be concerned with fashion, or the latest fad in clothing, toys or games is ridiculous. That small children should be entertained with shopping and consumerism is a dangerous path for their future.

Some parents believe that by consuming, and buying everything their miniature consumers point to, or show an interest in, that they are being a good parent. Babies and toddlers rooms are filled to the brink with every imaginable cuddly toy one could imagine. The fact these same children never actually play with the toys is lost on the parents.


2 responses to “Children are not minature consumers

  1. The purchases are not driven by affection but by their price tags. I loved you this X$ or XX$ this much. We through materials at the souls starving for our attention.
    My Dad didn’t have much to spare but one thing that he gave me abundance of was his company. He too, worked full time and for being with us his hobbies were sacrificed.
    The best thing about him was his availability and openness. We could talk about anything and everything.

    • I believe it is a selfishness, and upmanship. “look at me, look how good I am, look at all the trophies that I provide for my kids”. I have no money, live on the dole, but my kids have everything, they are better than your kids.
      The children have nothing they need. They need guidance, mentors, love and affection, instead they get cheap fluffy toys, or violent games. The dysfunctional families, that pass on the same low morals for generations.

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