Agapanthus, exercise in blues and mauves

After viewing these photos it is hard to believe that for many years I did not like the Agapanthus flowers. I loved the leaves and the foliage, and that was the sole reason I had planted these in my garden. It was not until I started looking for interesting subjects to photograph, that I suddenly discovered what an interesting bloom the old fashioned Agapanthus really was. It really is a jewel. Again you must look into and inspect the flower in detail to really capture the intrigue it provides. They are currently about to bloom again this year. I am hoping my experience  will also blossom,since the original photos were taken. Enjoy

3 responses to “Agapanthus, exercise in blues and mauves

  1. taphian Where are you ? My understanding is they are an incredibly hardy plant. Although after saying that some of mine had a drainage problem and have developed a sort of rot. I had bought them bare rooted some years ago. They survived the drought, but it was after the drought was broken they developed the problem. I have some on the other side of the fence and they have no problems. They are easily taken from cuttings, so if you know anyone, ask them for a plant. cheers

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