Our ancestors – VIP’s and interesting genes

When researching our ancestors we can dig up some very interesting people, including  a few VIP’s. I have to wonder how much of our genes are passed along through the ages, from generation to generation.

I have some very interesting people in my family history, found under the names  including Spencer, Croker,  Miller, Kinchella, Beckensall, Carter, Fox  to name just a few.

The majority came from the United Kingdom, plus France and Germany. It has been fascinating reading about the many families, and their roles in history.

This one, Lady Barrow was most beautiful. I believe her famous portrait was on the cover of  the Jane Austin book, Pride and Prejudice at some stage. There are judges, lawyers and literary giants in these large families.

Read more about Lady Barrow here.  http://www.gogmsite.net/empire-napoleonic-and-roman/1826-rosamund-hester-elizab.html

Lady Barrow

Lady Barrow


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