Looking through faces and facades

I now offer you a visualisation of how my mind works. I have always looked past the faces and sought to discover the real person behind the façade. For some reason I have never taken people at face value. This characteristic  was developed at an early age, and most probably born from both my parents and the people they surrounded themselves with.

I was a ‘people person’ long before that description became popular on a  resume. My habit of looking past the façade extends to animals. However animals are  harder to read, since they do not have the many masks and decoys available to people, that people use to hide behind. An animals body language is easier to read. Animals body language is very similar to humans.

As a child I loved watching people, and the animals on our farm, but most importantly their body language. We had many visitors to our home and the farm, both for business and social reasons.

When my parents left us in the car while they went about their business or shopping, it was an opportunity to study even more people, and the general public.

Being a shy person, I was never in the spotlight, I shunned being on centre stage. You would find me in the background, if you cared to look. It has also been interesting, on meeting my parents business associates as an adult. My parent were very well known and liked in their business and private circles. On introducing myself, or being introduced as Percy  Carter, or Annie Carter’s daughter, very few of them remembered me. Most remembered my young sister Judith, the baby in the family. My sister and I were like chalk and cheese, and she loved being the centre of attention.

I have literally thousands of photographs taken over the years. I can only assume some of my possessions have been lost or misplaced, when I moved from Albury to Melbourne in 1989. Some of my photographs and  negatives went missing . For the past five years I have been working on the project of scanning all of my photographs and negatives and saving them to media files, to avoid losing them again.

It was whilst going through my old landscapes and reviewing some of my recent landscapes I made an interesting discovery.

Most of my landscapes are not pretty pictures. They are not fabulous scenes of the  sun setting on water, or snow. They are not sky scrapes, nor of exotic places.

Light and shadows capture my initial attention. But what I have noticed in my photographs, is the bigger picture behind the façade. Most of my landscapes lead you past the façade to a scene beyond. In retrospect it is a picture of how my mind works, a visualisation of the mind of  this amateur photographer.

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