Wild Grass – Macro view of wheat, oats and barley.

I like grass as a subject for photography. I think it is the abstract lines and shapes that captures my attention. I find grass as attractive as flowers. I love to see the farmers crops with miles and miles of a landscape of grasses. Those huge crops are the main source of the world food supply.

I had intended to go driving around my patch to photograph all the wild grasses that are currently growing beside our roads and freeways. I was held up on another exercise, but looking out onto the park that sits in the front of my house, I noticed a small patch of wild grass.

The first photo is a close up view. The  other photos were taken with the Fotar +10 filter attached. I took a cutting of the grass, then with the setting sun facing me, I photographed some of the seeds, stalks of the grass.

I think these macro photos are awesome, artistic.  D

o you agree ?

2 responses to “Wild Grass – Macro view of wheat, oats and barley.

  1. I am pleased you like this blog. I did go out today and collected the Wild Oats, and now I have a display in a vase, on the dining table. I think it is an interesting display. Maybe it is the farm girl in me, but I honestly think the Wild Oats make a great artistic arrangement. These grasses are dried by the sun, and will last for years as a dried arrangement.
    Ok so I have found another who enjoys the grass as a display. The third photo down the page in the black vase is remotely similar to my wild oats.

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