A Dogs Life – Miss Pre and her world.



Miss Pre thought you might like to know what her world is like. She has offered to bring you some stories and pictures about her life, her world.

Miss Pre plays many roles in her house. Firstly she is mummy’s absolute Best Friend, then she is mummy’s own personal comedienne, security guard, Senior Patrol Duty Officer, she runs the Kitchen Police Security Service, she is the No 1 Concierge and that’s just for starters. Miss Pre has plays many roles in the smooth running of this house.

The fact that her world view is limited to a view about 12 inches from the ground is no deterrent. There is almost nothing in the house that escapes her attention. In another story she will tell you about her outside duties. Bird Watching and Insect inspections form part of  her outdoor world.

Today we will start with her Toy Box. Miss Pre puts her toys back in the box, or in the toy corner the majority of the time. If a toy is left out of the box, it is for a very good reason.

Her friends have been accumulated over her lifetime of almost seven years. Her favourite friend is Mr Teddy. Mr Teddy was her very first friend. Mr Teddy has suffered some injuries over the past seven years. All the injuries were incurred by being loved too much. So far Mr Teddy has had two fur transplants, plus numerous baths.

After much heart wrenching, Miss Pre has decided to loan some of her friends to the needy dogs for Christmas. She thinks there will be some dogs who are lonely, and who do not have forever homes out there, who will appreciate a friend and a  play mate. Miss Pre has asked me if we can go and visit Pet Rescue and the RSPCA to lend her friends. (She does not want to give them up for good, but thinks a couple of months will be fine. She trusts mummy !)

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