No treats until you eat your vegies- with a twist.

No treats until you eat your vegies. That was the rules in our house when we were children, and I used the same rule in my home. I doubt that applies as much with the children today.

But here is the twist. I have had to teach my bestie the same rule. In case you are not familiar with who my bestie is, she is Miss Pre, a dear little Maltese dog.

This rule was not needed until Natures Gift brought out a new product, Mini Treats. Miss Pre believes these yummy new soft treats are from heaven, and they are her absolute favourite food.

Many of the Dog Food Products on the market are too big, and most are too hard for her. And boy oh boy, does she love these new soft treats.

She loves them so much, she thought she would prefer to eat them, in preference to her  usual diet of freshly cooked Rump or Porterhouse Steak or fresh roasted Chicken breast.

Hence the rule, No Treats until she eats her Dinner. You will not believe this, but she now hurriedly eats her dinner, in anticipation of receiving the treats. It is not as straightforward as simply eating dinner as usual. First she goes to her ‘Command Center’ in the middle of the kitchen, and commands, demands she would now like to have her treats served.

Unfortunately mummy found out the hard way, when mummy did give her the treats before dinner, Miss Pre did not eat her dinner, and mummy was forced to throw out a perfectly decent meal to the neighbours dog that comes begging for food everyday.

Now after Miss Pre is told in a nice soft friendly voice, ‘ No Treats until you eat your dinner’, Miss Pre has decided mummy absolutely will not budge on this, and so after sulking for several minutes Miss Pre will  eat her dinner.

Miss Pre can also count to 10. Ten is the recommended daily serve of Nature’s Gift Mini Treats. I give Miss Pre 3 treats per serve, 3 times each evening, with one final serve, or alternatively 4 treats in the last serving of treats.

Sometimes Miss Pre becomes so engrossed in playing with her toys, or entertaining mummy with tricks, that she forgets to eat some of her treats. Sometimes she gets distracted. Mummy also forgets to put the treats out for her. Miss Pre keeps count of the treats she has received, and only rarely has she made a mistake and asked for a treat after the daily allowance has been received.

Mummy makes sure she also keeps count of the number of treats served. Sure enough if Miss Pre demands her treats, mummy can recall the number previously served and Miss Pre is right 99% of the time. She never asks for more than 10 treats a day.

Is there any other explanation for this assumption that the dog can count ? Sometimes I vary the number of treats given at any sitting, 2, 3 4 etc. I have done this to test the theory that the dog can really count.

On the subject of intelligence and understanding, she knows, recognises and understands probably at least 50 different words. All her toys have names, and she can collect and fetch each toy by name. She also knows regular visitors by name. She loves the word ‘garden‘, that word means digging holes, and chasing the ball, sunbaking, or sniffing out the various goanna’s, insects and other visitors to our garden.

Do you have similar examples of your best friend’s intelligence and understanding, and communicating with people ?.


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