Collages – Family Photos framed, hung on your walls.

Here  a couple of examples of current framed collages that are hung on my walls. I just took them outside for a quick camera snap, to show you. I should add, that I use a double-sided sticky tape to stick the photos to the collage. This method has proved invaluable over the years. When I need to take a copy of a photo, I simple remove them from the collage, take the copy and then return the photo. It has also been a godsend in some instances when  a favourite photo has gone missing, lost or cannot be found.

If you recall I have been doing these collages for more than 30 years, prior to the digital age. so it was important to keep good records of original prints, or the negatives.

It is very different today with the digital camera’s, as one can print off as many copies as you need. Be warned to back up your digital media to keep up to date with technology. When I first started copying my photos onto my PC, the floppy disk was the popular backup method. try finding a PC that uses a floppy disk today, its like zilch. So keep updating your backup copies onto the newest technology available.

A word of warning on not having a memory card in your camera. I had a new camera, without a memory card. I had met up with long lost family from interstate over a long weekend. On the final day a cousin asked to look at my photos I had taken on my digital camera. When she handed me back the camera it was empty. She had taken some photos herself, then erased the whole file by mistake


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