Collages – I love framed collages of my family on my walls

If you look past the dog you will see two different framed collages on the wall in the background.

If you look past the dog you will see two different framed collages on the wall in the background.

I love the collages available to all of us today. It is all so easy today, especially so with some web sites that automatically produce  a collage of all your pictures and photos that you have added to your site. For example the site produced my collage as per my link. Sure it duplicates some of the photos, and does not collect all, but I find the collage appealing.

I have always had framed collages of my family hanging on my walls. I had framed collages of each member of my family in large frames on all my walls, including combined family collages. So where ever you went in the house, there were beautiful photos with memories of my loved ones, and current family members adorning the walls.

I could add, on average,  40 or so 6 x 4″ photos into the frames. I also included enlarged A4 photos to the collage.

My entrance hall had a line of framed collages, and at one stage I had one half of a feature wall adorned with these collages. I have only ever seen one similar example of a wall of photos in a private home.

It is not an expensive exercise. I used to go looking in the second-hand and charity shops for framed prints and artworks to find my frames.  I purchased the largest frames I could find, and preferred the modern contemporary style. It was a simple exercise to get prints of  my chosen subject, and family member, and add photos from their childhood to adulthood, showing their best photos with their sport, hobbies and achievements.

If you are on Facebook, and have your photos sorted into respective albums, you will find this easy. Just open up the album, all the photos will show on your screen, scroll around to find the screen shots you like, then hit the PRTSC tab on your keyboard, then open Word, or any   software  that you can add, edit or insert, open a new page and PASTE. Once you have added the screen image, you can edit and crop the image, then save it as JPEG or similar, and voila, you have your first collage.

Alternatively you can do what I did, and copy a selection of your family photos to a media stick, go to any of the national retailers and print off the photos, then get your frames and make your first collage.

You can buy very inexpensive frames at many of the retailers today. $10 for a 30 x 40cm, $15 for  a 24 x 36″, 60 x 90cm is a good size. You can fit 36 6 x 4″ photos in that frame. You do not have to fill up every space, just start off with some of the best photos in the centre, then keep adding as you collect them.

Ps This is also a lovely idea as a gift for each member of your family. The elderly members who do not use the internet and technology, will appreciate  a collage, compared to traditional individual frames  which can take up a lot of room.

It is also a good idea to leave some spare space for future family additions to be included on individual family collages.


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