You must say Thank You for every Gift-Gifts are not a Right

You must say Thank You, for every gift, every time. Gifts are not a god given right.

I recently had a conversation about Christmas with my elderly neighbour. She is a pensioner, a low-income person. She can barely afford to pay her exorbitant energy bills each month, let alone find any money for any little luxuries for herself.

She saves her money all year in order to buy gifts for her children and grandchildren for Christmas and their birthdays. That is what parents and grandparents do. The fact that her children earn good money, and live an affluent lifestyle, means nothing. Their income has nothing to do with the giving or receiving of a gift.

What made this elderly lady unhappy ?

She thought it was rude, that her children and grandchildren were ungrateful because they never ever acknowledged her gifts to them. They simply took it for granted that she would give them a gift for each occasion. She cannot be present with the family when the gift is received, and some members of her family live interstate. She said she never receives a note, or a telephone call to thank her for the gift. She does not have access to, nor use of a computer, but she thought her family would not bother to say Thank You, even if she did have access to a computer.

My elderly neighbour said she had been taught as a child, that one says ‘Thank You’, for every gift they will ever receive. There are no ifs, or buts, about this situation.  A gift is not a right imposed on the recipient. A gift is not something to be taken for granted. A gift is a voluntary action, by the giver of the gift.

The dictionary defines gift as ; “a thing given willingly to someone without payment”

I suggested that I too had experienced this rude, and uncouth, unforgivable behaviour.

Not saying thank you, is rude, it is not polite or socially acceptable.

I suggest that no further gifts are given, until a simple acknowledgement is given for the gifts received so far.

A gift may seem like a god given right to the beneficiary, but it comes with a right, the right to be acknowledged.

I call those people ‘feral.’ Wild, undomesticated, socially unacceptable behaviour.




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