Giggles Doll – My story, and your help needed

Giggles Doll, with original outfit.

Giggles Doll, with original outfit.

Internal of the Giggles Doll

Note, this photo is of the original Giggles Doll, from the internet, it is not a photo of the doll just purchased.

We bought my late daughter the  Giggles Doll,  the one from the Ideal Toy Company, made in 1966 -67. She was a gorgeous doll and my daughter loved her to bits.

When I packed up and moved from the country to the city all those years ago, the doll came with me. I had her packed in a large dolls pram, with half a dozen other dolls that both my daughters had owned. There was no way I was going to part with the dolls. Some things are just too precious.

I did have the dolls in storage with other furniture and keepsakes at different places, until I finally settled in Toorak, Vic. I never unpacked some of those boxes in the 25 years I was away from the country. I knew what was in the boxes, as I had it marked on the outside. It was not until I returned back to my hometown in Albury, NSW in 2011 that I opened the boxes.

It was unbelievable, but the box of dolls with the pram was missing. There are other things missing too, but nothing I can do about it now.

For whatever reason the Giggles doll had a very special place in my heart, and I went looking for her online as soon as I realised she was missing. Melissa was a bit upset when I informed her the doll had been lost or stolen.

It is interesting to note, that this particular doll was only released into the Australian market, initially. In my internet search for the doll, there are many more available in the US with the higher shipping costs, but rare in Australia.

Apparently this vintage doll is very collectible, with dolls in good condition fetching $450, even dolls in mediocre  condition are $200 and above. The Giggles Dolls that no longer have original outfits are around $60-$100. The freight costs are unaffordable if coming out from America , with freight from $60 plus on average. I found my doll in Australia, with ordinary parcel post at $17.

I have one now, she was rather cheap, she did not have original outfit or shoes, and like most on the market, her giggle mechanism did not work. Her hair has been cut, and her forehead and neck has lost its colour.

I pulled her apart as soon as she arrived, confident that I may be able to fix her, and also confident that I could buy a replacement of her original outfit and shoes.

She had been repaired previously, which I was not aware of, and  some of her internal parts were broken. I found a website with photos and how to fix the giggle. I actually expected there would have been more information available on the net, but so far I have not found it.

If there is anyone that can help me, I only have one problem, and then I am confident I will have her working again.  I do not know, understand the part about where the material is inserted which makes it oscillate, and hence achieve the giggle sounds. Should the material be fixed in the bottom of the container, or just sit under the lid at the top ?  I need more information than is available at  Figure 4 on the attached link.      ”  This is turn causes the piston to move in and out, drawing air through a reed, making the doll giggle.”

I have achieved a rattle sound, but am missing the giggle. You do not have to have an interest in dolls, just some mechanical know how is all that is needed  (I think). All information will be greatly appreciated


26 responses to “Giggles Doll – My story, and your help needed

    • I just love your art, colours, etc. I have stated many times over the years, that “I don’t get abstracts” but I do “get your work” . I too look forward to become acquainted with you. Seasons Greetings, cheers E

  1. I think after all the time I have spent so far, it would be cheaper, more time efficient if I buy a Giggles Doll in working order, then compare the differences with my broken doll. I have studied the Patent that applied, in depth, and within my capabilities, but am still none the wiser. I get the gist of how it should work, but so far everything I have tried has not produced the giggle.

  2. I know how to fix giggles dolls I’ve fixed 2 and successfully got them to giggle and I’m getting a baby giggles for Christmas and hope to repair her too but if you want me to help you I’m going to have to see a Picture of the inside of your doll.

      • I’m sorry I did not see your messenge for so long, and im sorry I have no such account. But mybe I could give you my email. Or you could post a pic of it on this page if that’s possible, I’m not to fimlar to this site.

      • I have just posted the pic of the insides/ The round part near the tummy is where inserted some plastic, AFTER this pic was taken, and glued a tiny part of it to te bottom…to act like a bellows….it gave a very soft giggle, but nothing like the original that I recall….

  3. Do you have the peg that looks like a sorry slider peace? it should fit in the cap to the round tummy part.

  4. That’s going to be hard. meybe you could make a replacement part out of clay? But just so we’re shure you posted a website link to a doll repair site and its the one of the two parts that come apart from the giggle box. Its a flat round piece that goes inside the giggle box and has a tip that pokes out the hole in the cap.

    • Give my 24 hours, I have a lot on today. I will pull the doll apart and check for the part. I bought the doll 2nd hand, it was supposed to be in working order and giggling. It was not. I found a site with picture of the inner mechanism, and short notes. That photo I sent is my photo of the doll I have. Appreciate your help.

  5. That’s not to good. I think we’re talking about the same peace but its not supposed to be glued to the very bottom of the bellows its supposed to fit on the inside of the cap and the top of the peace is supposed stick out of the hole of the cap. p.s its good to have a peace of plastic bag about 4 inches placed over the bellows, then take the peace witch should be in the cap lay it over the plastic and take booth peace and cap and put them on the bellows, the metal weight should hit the part of the peace that’s sticking out of the cap. If this does not make a giggle try again and replace the plastic.

  6. And the trigger is the read when the pressure of the bag pushes air through the read it makes a noise. Hence the giggle. Make shure the read is clean.

    • Very few of the Dolls on You tube , sound like the original giggle. This one is closest, so far. The squeaking of the arms should not be heard, so maybe some more fine tuning for it to be authentic. Most of the giggles that are heard on youtube, are not giggles at all, just squeaking arms. This one sounds more like a laugh, which is how I recall the sound. I have a sound from my repairs, with the subsequent reverberating, so I am part way there. I would love to find a doll in the original condition, to hear the correct sound. Anyway it used to keep my Melissa in raptures, listening to the doll laughing.

  7. I have saved the photo of the Diagram to use as a reference, together with their detailed notes in the Patent. You too may consider it worth saving, and enlarge the photo, to use as a reference. It may give us more clues. I think when I have some more free time, that I will print out the patent, then try to follow that description for the sound, word for word, with this photo to assist. I do like a good challenge, and intend to win this one. Have other work priorities atm, but will get to it as soon as I have a few hours free. I appreciate your time and effort.

  8. Thank you for informing me about the link and its nice to see who the inventors we’re I’ve been trying to find out who desided her for some time. I have another ideal toy by marvin glass “clancey the great”. Marvin was a true genus.

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