Social media advice, propaganda, rubbish, shallowness

I keep seeing advice from the pretend guru’s on Social Media, that one needs to post several posts daily, or at the very least to make a post every day, in order to keep your followers interested.

That advice is an indictment, of  just how shallow, the average reader really is. Is it true, that the majority of people in the Social Media community really need you to post so often to gain and keep their attention.

That attitude explains why there is so much activity, with so much banal rubbish out there in cyber space.

Quantity never ever compensates for quality.

My inbox is filled with  numerous posts compiled of mundane rubbish. I have got to the stage where I simply delete without ever reading these posts.

Maybe I am from an old school, where I prefer to read a few interesting posts from quality posters, rather than hundreds of posts of mundane rubbish.

I much prefer to have Social Media friends and followers whose posts reflect their life experiences and interests, posts that enrich all who read them.

I have likened my experience with some Social Media sites, as akin to visiting the pig pen. In the pig pen you can expect to wrestle with the pigs in the mud and shit, it can be a very uncomfortable experience for you, but the pigs love it, that is what they enjoy.

Who has the most to gain from the propaganda that you must make many posts per day. Would it be the Social Media sites that need huge numbers of hits, in order to encourage advertisers to their sites. All those free sites require advertising money to exist, they need advertisers. Advertisers need a huge audience  to sell their goods.

Have you succumbed to the shallowness of this flawed advice.

I see some sites where the poster has a huge number of hits, viewers and followers. I also notice there is very little feedback and comments on those sites. Communication is absent, am I missing something here ?


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