Margaret Olley – Iconic Australian Artist

I was a fan of Margaret Olley, not so much for her work, but for her beautiful persona and character. I loved her attitude in that she snubbed all the guru’s of the art world. She ignored their advice and attitude, she had more insight into what the people liked and craved of her, than all the experts combined.

Margaret Olley went about her Art, she did what she loved and knew best, Still Life. She snubbed fads and sensationalism , and just went quietly about her day.

I never purchased any of her work during her lifetime, even though I had the chance, and admired her immensely. I regret not buying any of her work in the past, and now I will purchase a print.

I often scout the Charity Shops looking for frames for my works. Why do I go to charity shops you might ask. Well apart from the fact they are cheaper, (although usually only smaller frames are available), the older frames and glass are far superior quality to what is available today.

I cannot count how many times in the past 3 years, the glass in a new glass frame has broken, suddenly, and without any action, or force applied. Two recent large frames, that were purchased to frame some Limited Edition Prints , both were found broken, after being stored in good condition.

Yesterday I found a large timber frame. I rarely take too much notice of the print inside the frame, and so far I have not found any masterpieces. However, I did find the print inside this frame rather interesting.

It is a print by the artist Sarina Tomchin , which actually made me surmise that she was  influenced by Margaret Olley at some stage in her art career.

I believe  many artists would be influenced by Olley’s works, if not in the past, certainly in the present after her recent death. I note there is not much of Olley’s works available out there, which I find amazing, since she was a very prolific artist.

Artist Sarina. I do not know if this is the same artist Sarina Lirosi ?

Artist Sarina. I do not know if this is the same artist Sarina Lirosi ?


One response to “Margaret Olley – Iconic Australian Artist

  1. I have edited this post. Originally I identified Sarina Tomchin as Sarina the Artist, as per the web site I found. I had spent hours searching the net for her work and found very little. However on review today I discovered her full name, and hence there is so much more information about her. She has a substantial portfolio of work, very iconic Australian beach scenes, plus other subjects. It is worth checking her out, I am now a fan of hers.

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