Training the animals and visitors alike

We loved to train our animals, all and any animals. None escaped our commitment and practice sessions to provide experience and amusement.

Our parents entertained quite often, with afternoon tea parties as one of the most popular events. Family and friends were invited together with their children for an afternoon of great food, and fun and games for the children.

It seemed all our child visitors, as soon as they became aware we had horses, only wanted one thing, and that was to ride the horses.

We had become used to these demands and were usually well prepared to ensure the horse riding activities took as little time as possible. It was too much like work for us. After all we looked forward to the entertainment and special treats which ensured.


3 responses to “Training the animals and visitors alike

  1. Your drawings make me smile, they are so happy. I love, love, love the expressions on your faces. And I love the way you draw the hair on the figure that I’m assuming is you!

    • Yes that is me, very straight fly away soft hair, and I had the happiest of memories of our life growing up on the farm. We were four children with only five years between the eldest and the youngest. We made our own fun and games. The TV did not come until I was a teenager.

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