Gathering Information about Horse Racing History Albury Wodonga

I started this group today. It is designed to compile as much history of our local Horse Racing Scene as is possible. I will be seeking assistance from family and friends of our local racing identities to help me. Anyone that can offer names, dates, contacts including photos of the Jockey’s Trainers and Owners will be greatly appreciated.

I have found there is no information out there in cyber space about all or any of our local idienties who shaped and grew Horse Racing in the Albury Wodonga and surrounding districts. I went looking for information about my brother Brian Carter. Brian was apprenticed the the stables of Ollie Cox, from around 1960. Brian was a jockey, and horse owner, before escalating to Racehorse Trainer. He raced some great horses, and rode the too. It seems such a shame that we cannot find information about them. there were many people involved whose names escape me at the moment. Anyway I have started the ball rolling, so if any of you have some information, I would love to hear from you. Any links will also be appreciated.
regards Eliabeth

One response to “Gathering Information about Horse Racing History Albury Wodonga

  1. I have made contact with a VIP of our local Racing Industry and am meeting with him this week, as well as contact with our local Historical society, so a busy few weeks on my agenda.

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