Poems to Celebrate the Life of Percy Carter


(Written by his daughter Elizabeth Kilpatrick)

There are many Australians far and wide, who knew this old stockman with the wise eye.

Their eyes light up, when they hear his name, Of Horse trainer, drover, stockman fame.


He trained their horses, he broke them in, he bought their stock, and sold for them.

He travelled Australia north to south, droving cattle when there was no rain about.


He broke in horses for the Army in the First World War, he was just 24,

And ran a taxi service of six in hand, to transport the soldiers when they came home again.


He knew Old Melbourne well in those early years, Newmarket Saleyards was like a home to him.

He was ringmaster there, for twenty odd years, he knew cattle and horses like the back of his hand,

“you treat them like people”, he used to say, “A gently nudge and they will go the right way”.


Perc was still riding the young horses, when he broke them in, the last one in his 83rd year.

His was a character they will never forget, each person he met along the way

Was always enriched, by what he had to say. He listened to them, and they to him.


His story has not been printed before, but there is no doubt he is part of our folklore,

A true old timer, he passed on his knowledge, of cattle and horses, and nature’s law.


There are many Australians, who like me, feel very much a part of Australia’s history.

Here was a man who drove Cobb & Co coaches, then left behind a Jaguar car,

with the first motor produced in Australia.


From the stories he told, I can sense the musty smells, of the stables at the turn of the century.

The clicking of horse shoes on cobblestones, and wild horse races through the mountain scenery.


I was beside him, as a small child, at the campfires with cattle and horses, and dogs by our side,

My heart swells with the pride of knowing first hand, just one of nature’s gentleman.


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