Percy Carter’s 80th Birthday Party Guest List

Another chapter for my book about my family, drafted here today. Percy Carter’s 80th Birthday Party Guest List. Over 120 old friends gathered to celebrate this great Horseman and Cattleman’s birthday celebration on October 20th 1971.  

Here are some of the names- J Sheather, Bert Elkington,Gil & Connie Butler, Reg Prendergast, Barry Mulguard, Herb Freyer, Lee Sharman, Alec Thomson, Kevin Murphy, M Hogan, J Hogan, Art Phillips, Ted Murphy, Harold McLean, Ted Gardner, Bob Gardner, Bill Weidner, Allan Weidner, Tom Beasley, Bob Smith, Les Weidner, Brian McKoy, Allan Brewer, Bert Brewer, E Aalbers, Harold Robbins, Toy Mulqueen, Des Bolton, Bob McIlree, Vincent Walsh, John Macks, Brian Unthank, Jack Hinchcliff, Brian Really, John Downie, Bernie Kearney, Bob Winnet, Allen Coyle, Mrs Carroll, Jack Meagher, Nugget Dalton, Jack Murray, Albert Green, and many names I cannot decipher. Jack Murray wrote a wonderful poem in dad’s honour, and read it to the guests. In addition there were many Telegrams sent, and read out from friends who could not attend, including Ray Robinson of Wangaratte,. Jim Ralph of Melbourne, Ethel Black Cravensville, George Coyle, Michael Fox at Port Moresby,


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