Dressing up as adults, to fool unsuspecting visitors

Rick, Sue n Friend DSC_0087 (1024x660)
We had a great view from our house, we could see over the paddocks, and down the road. We could see people walking , coming up the road to our house, from the hill. If our parents were out of sight, we would have time to dress up in their clothes, and be ready to welcome the new visitors.
No one we knew walked up the road, everyone drove a car or rode a horse. So we had a fair idea of who our new visitors were, and more than likely it would be the numerous salesmen, or bible bashers, who would walk such a long distance to spread their message.
We pretended to be the adults in the house, and would even invite them for afternoon tea in the garden.
We knew how ridiculous we looked, but it rarely deterred them from engaging in their conversations about the bible.
My brothers usually wore one of dad’s big hats, and dad’s rubber boots, plus holding the  whip,  and even his pipe, would set the scene. The girls wore mum’s dresses, hats and shoes. A pair of reading glasses convinced us we could pass for older people. We loved to watch our visitors reaction to our ridiculous garb and get up, to our role playing. It took all and any self control we could muster, to keep a straight face.
We were just as excited with giggling and laughing in anticipation of the amusement we were about to enjoy, as when we bade them farewell, and asked them to come back soon, as we waved them good bye.
These are my cartoon style drawings, to illustrate the scenes.
Did you get up to similar pranks, when you were little ?
Brian Sue n Visitors

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