Surrounded by a smorgasboard of life in Regional Australia

I went to visit an elderly couple who are avid Bird Photographers yesterday. They invited me to their rural property to show me their set up for capturing the birds in digital photography.

They live in an idyllic area, just 10 minutes from the city centre, and surrounded by picturesque dairy producing properties at Bonegilla, Victoria on the NSW and Vic border. Bonegilla is near Wodonga, and just three hours by road from Melbourne.

Many who have read my blogs from the beginning, will be aware that I lost my beautiful daughter, just over 2 years ago. I have been in the doldrums ever since, and have to fight to overcome the enormous loss, and strive to maintain some semblance of life. I have done very little since her death, I found it difficult to pursue my art, and am basically seeking other diversions. Blogging and photography have kept me reasonably busy, but I have not been out and about, or visiting friends. So it was a big effort yesterday to go for a short drive into the country, to visit this couple that are helping me with my bird photography.

It was a lovely respite, and brought back so many happy memories of my own life on the farm. As usual these photos are spur of the moment captures, just candid photos of a picture in a rural setting.

I have decided not to refer to myself as a photographer, which might conjure up images of someone well taught or versed in all aspects of photography. I believe a more correct description of my activities are those of a ‘Capturer’, in digital mode.

Firstly I did take my cameras, just in case, however when I spotted a scene, I simply grabbed the first camera I could reach, and never gave a thought to the lens I was using, or the mode etc. Finally after several shots, I did change the lens, and the setting. To compound the problem, I sat in the car, and hopefully aimed the camera to miss the  shadows etc from the interior of the car.

I intend to go back to the area, to take better shots, and to use the correct lens and manual settings, appropriate for the scenes. In the meantime, I hope that you too can  enjoy these peaceful scenes.

On Monday I intend to go to one of the local Turf  Club  meetings, to  capture some shots of the race horses. We have a large Equestrian Centre close by, including a diverse range of sporting facilities. The snow fields are only an hour away.

This area is surrounded by a large farming community, ie one of the worlds great food bowls. Lets hope they can stop the miners from wrecking our precious land, and water resources before it is too late.

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