Living my dream, with dips and troughs and diversions on the path.

I am staying true to my dreams and goals that I set for myself, my life path when I was a young lady in my teenage years. Living my dream, with dips and troughs and diversions on the path, has been and continues to be, interesting and enlightening.

For awhile as I live through a nightmare of the massive loss in my life, I feared I had lost most of my original dreams, that I had set as goals in my life so long ago.  Of course one must adapt to the changes in their lives, as they grow and learn and adapt to life. I did not set unrealistic goals, and I have loved life and the challenges I set for the path I chose. I have enjoyed the constant ever changing paths one navigates on the way. I have steered the path with open eyes, and been delighted by the diversions and changes on the way.  These diversions and changes allowed me to look deeper, behind the facades to find the facts and truth before I stayed too long on the different roads.

Last year I threw myself into photography, although a constant hobby and great love it was not the big dream. It was another diversion, while I dealt and grappled with the life event, and the loss of my ability to indulge in my art. This diversion has been worthwhile, and nursed my soul through a most difficult period.

Challenges were set with the photography and I believe I met and achieved all goals. A new interest has evolved from that exercise, which stems from photographing the tiny birds. I have found another love, and interest that will  compliment my art and creative interests. Plans have commenced to build a “Small Bird Garden” in my patch, to provide a habitat for the tiny beautiful colourful Wrens and Finches. These tiny birds natural habitat is in small spiked shrubs, that provides protection for them from the larger birds and is a haven for insects, the birds main food source.  In Australia the majority of these shrubs are declared noxious weeds, and landowners are compelled by law to remove the plants from their land. There is no compensationary laws to compel the landowners to provide alternative plants to replace the small birds natural habitat.

Not only will I be providing a haven for the birds, but they will provide me with endless opportunities to photograph and paint them, and enjoy living with these beautiful creatures.

Every one of us can play a role in assisting nature, to provide a home for these birds, at the same time bringing enjoyment and pleasure into your life. Here are some links to further information about this subject, including how to plan your own small bird garden.

Click to access INFO-Attracting-birds-to-garden.pdf

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