My blog needs a massive reorganisation

I have just had a closer look at my blog to view it from the eyes of a reader, and decided it is not how my orderly mind pictured how it should work. In reality instead of the index and menu holding the related stories, finding your way around this site is akin to herding cats.

I have relied on Categories as the main index for most of the stories, but the categories are in no way related to the menu items.

I apologise for asking my viewers to  Herd Cats.

I will need a few free days to spend the time on this project.

At this time I have a few urgent work commitments to complete first. I am hoping I will be able to fix this mess either later this week or early next week.

I have obviously missed some points regarding the menu items when posting the stories.

This semi retirement has proved so far to be anything but retirement, in so far as I am either just as busy, or even busier with my commitments as I was when working full time.

I have my art, photography interests, my families stories to work on, plus some Tax jobs, and I have been spending time on finding the stories of our local hero’s in our Horse Racing Industry History.

I enjoy challenges, and inadvertently gave myself another unplanned one.

In the meantime you are encouraged to go to the Categories Section to find the stories that interest you. Alternatively the monthly archives should provide some Herded Cats.


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