Four books that Influenced and Empowered me, my Life.

Four books that Influenced and Empowered me, my Life.

“No one can help you, unless you are prepared to help yourself.” This is a profound statement, and so true. I can only do so much to help you, I cannot do it all. I cannot help you to change your life, without your input, your involvement, and your preparedness to help yourself.

Books that Empowered Me, Influenced Me and Changed My Life

I was an early and avid reader as a child. I preferred books based on fact over fiction, although I was mesmerised by a book about a Carousel Horse, that escaped and ran free.

The first book that has stayed in my memory as a highly influential book is Alan Marshall’s, I can Jump Puddles. I probably read this book when I was about 8 years old.

The next book that had a profound affect on me is A B Facey’s, A Fortunate Life. This book is a very similar story to that of my own father’s early life. My father lost his father when he was only three years old, at age five he was out working at the local stables after school to help earn money. Dad’s mother was a Matron at a major Melbourne Hospital, but with five children in the late 1890’s, life was not easy.

The next book that helped me to change my life, is Dr Norman Vincent Peale’s, The Power of Positive Thinking. I started to read this book when I was looking for assistance to plan for the future, and my role in a career, together with managing a hectic lifestyle. I had been playing the role of Superwoman for many years, with two little girls, five horses and a menagerie of other animals. There were cracks in my marriage, and I figured would need a very successful career in order to look after my family and my life on a single income. I had no intention of mating, ever again. I never wanted marriage in the first place, and I would never go back for a second attempt. (I have lived alone ever since, and love my life as a spinster)

Finally the book the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, by Stephen Covey is a wonderful book, with some unforgettable quotes and guidelines for life in general. Stephen has some wonderful views on family, and family life.

I do not recall reading the book, How To Win Friends and Influence People. I have always been able to make friends easily. I am a People Person. I have always watched and studied people since an early age. I also believe I am a very good judge of people. I spent years since a very early age of watching and studying their facial expressions, behaviours, and importantly their body language. It was sufficient for me to know that there is a book that spells out the principles of friendship and influence, without me having to actually read that book.

#The Power of Positive Thinking – Dr Norman Vincent Peale

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People- Stephen Covey

A Fortunate Life- A B CFacey

I can Jump Puddles – Alan Marshall

How to Win Friends & Influence People- Dale Carnegie



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