Milly, Our Wendy Walker Doll


Milly, Our Wendy Walker Doll. I found this gorgeous Wendy Walker Doll at  the local Trash n Treasure one day. She is in excellent condition. She was wearing horrid clothes, so we went for a quick shopping trip to Kmart for some Funky Clothing. We did not expect to find any gorgeous dresses at the Big Retailers stores, and I would be sewing her clothing myself. We just could not bear to look at her in the clothes that she came in.

She wears up to a child size 4 in clothing comfortably, and size 4 in kids shoes.

I use her as my dressmaking model for the small girls clothing that I make.

She walks, if you hold her hand beside you. Stands 36 inches high, or 92 cms.

At this stage I cannot find a site that told the complete story about this doll. I believe she is held in a Museum in the US. I am hoping I have a link to that site on another PC. I will update the post when I locate that information.

I never ever gave my dolls away. They went missing when I moved house from the country to the city many years ago. I also had in my possession, a 16th Century  China Doll, that had been handed down from generation to generation, in my mother’s family. The 16th Century China Doll was in almost perfect condition. I hold no interest in collecting dolls, my only interest is in finding the Dolls that belong in my family. These dolls were valued family members. The were the VIP’s for the female members, and held in high esteem in all our childhood memories.

Modelling Poppy's Dress made in December 2014

Modelling Poppy’s Dress made in December 2014

009 - Copy 002

Modelling the Children's Hats Project

Modelling the Children’s Hats Project

Millie, the Wendy Walker doll, a Funky Hats model

Millie, the Wendy Walker doll, a Funky Hats model


IMG_3249 691 kb IMG_1024 IMG_3250 IMG_1040 doll in garden - Copy.


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