I am Celebrating my 35th year in my Career as a Taxation Professional

My how time fly’s when you are having fun. I am Celebrating 35 years in my career as a Taxation Professional this year. Twenty five years of which were spent running my own Taxation Consultancy Business.

My next greatest decision was to tell the boss to shove it, and I went out and started my own business from scratch. I doubled my salary income within a year, then tripled my former salary within two years. It was hard yakka for the first 3 years, working 18 hours a day, seven days a week. I concentrated on the High Net Worth Clients, and those in Business. I did very few Salary only Tax Returns, as my expertise was in the higher end. 

My two greatest mentors, my parents, would be very proud of me. This career has been one of my best life decisions. Not only has it been very rewarding financially, but it provided a constant set of challenges which I crave.

I did all of this solo. At the same time I raised two daughters, rescued numerous animals, including five horses. It was a hectic lifestyle of training the horses for Competitions, plus all of the sports and athletics both girls were involved with after school and at weekends, together with the Horse Competitions most weekends.

It was my choice to live alone and provide for myself, my family, and my extended family, plus make all of the decisions, including investing for my Self Funded Retirement.

I think this coming Tax Season will be my last. I am proud of my many achievements. I have worked all my life, bar a couple of years when I had my babies. I have never been on welfare, which to me would be far too embarrassing. There were no government handouts in my day, not like the humongous amounts handed out today.

I am lucky that I am a self-sufficient person, a go getter positive type of person. I am so lucky that I had such intelligent parents as my greatest mentors. I have such huge respect for both of them.

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