An unexpected crossroad in life.

I have been side tracked from writing my book about my life. I have spent some considerable time, working on finding my lost Art Mojo, whilst still trying to deal with my grief, of the loss of my beautiful daughter.

I made some headway with the Art Mojo, going down a very different road, of Contemporary and Semi Abstract styles. I have finally come to the conclusion, just this week, that I doubt I will ever earn an income as an Artist in the foreseeable future.

Dreams are a  promise you make to yourself, to make those dreams come true. I truly believe in the idea, that one assumes a level of responsibility in order to make those dreams a reality.  I worked hard to fulfil all the dreams and promises I made to myself.  I guess I never planned, and no parent would, that an enormous life event, would take a child before the parent.

I think now, looking back and reflecting on my plans and dreams, made so many years ago, and held as a given,  are no longer realizable. I was so sure, for so many years of what I had planned for the future, would still be applicable when the time came.

The Artist in me lived in a very different world when I was young. The Life Drawings of the Horses and Animals came very natural for me. I also took my gift for granted. I assumed it would stay with me for the rest of my life. My drawings and Artworks were very popular, regardless that I did them purely as a hobby . When I did advertise that I was available for commissions, I had many enquiries for my #Equine Art, and completed about twenty Drawings or Paintings for local people.

At that time I had completed my studies, and was employed as a Taxation Accountant with the International Firm of Accountants KPMG. I had been working two or more years full-time in my chosen career, and decided to stop being a workaholic, take some time out to smell the roses.

I relished the opportunity to display and sell my Art, but at the same time felt very humbled, and proud at the same time, that people would put their trust in me to do the portraits and full figure drawings of their cherished animals.

In those days, in the mid 1980’s it was easier for me to simply pick up a pencil or a brush and do my #Equine Art. I was living in the country, and still had my own horses in my care. We spent several hours a day caring, feeding , schooling and exercising the horses, both in the early morning before work, and in the afternoons after work.  I knew every part of my five or more horses, their faces were very familiar, together with their unique personalities and characters.

Fast forward 25 years. I had been living in the city, far removed from country life and my Equine friends. I could still do life drawings of the horses, but the exercise did not spring as quickly or naturally as it had when I was surrounded by the horses on a daily basis.

When I first moved to Melbourne in June 1989 I went to all the big city race meetings each Saturday, with my fabulous Pentax Film Camera. I took photos of many of the equine stars of the Racing Game.  I also had my sketch pad and pencils and did quick life drawings of the horses in their stalls. Many years earlier I had practised Speed Drawing. That is capturing the unique character, personality, markings and important points of the animal in as short a time as possible. When I returned home I finished the drawing, shaping and shading, and applying tones to complete the Artwork.

It never occurred to me that the style of art that I had admired and looked up to would go out of fashion, or not be as popular by the time I was able to spend my time on my own art.  I admired the equine artist Stubbs, together with the impressionist style of Monet and Streeton.  or the realism and drawings of Rembrandt, plus many other great artists of the past.

Life offers so much in endless possibilities and diversities. Coming to crossroads in one’s life, and being able to recognise that it is a crossroad is just another decision that requires serious and careful consideration.

I have always given some of my artworks away for free, to those people who have expressed an interest in, and admired my works. I have used my art to reward the people who went out of their way to do a small favour for me. I have donated several of my artworks to my local church, so that the church may sell the art and receive some funds for their ongoing charity work.

My dilemma is what to do with all the spare time I now have in retirement if it is not on my art.


3 responses to “An unexpected crossroad in life.

  1. I am using 2015/2016 to see if I can be a selling artist. In 2017, I will come to my crossroads and then seek another path ( and I have no idea what this path will look like ) if being a selling artist does not at least make some income so that I don’t raid my savings to some extent.
    I “work” at art and commercial photography to keep my mind as agile as possible and to face new “things” in this modern world and not just for the supplementary income. This is my way of adjusting somewhat to this phase of life at 70.
    You write well to ask these questions….and your answers to seek possibilities and diversities are apt….and to enjoy these possibilities and diversities they bring will bring serenity and contentment.
    I like this piece of writing as it resonates similar questions within me.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts and reply. When I planned my retirement income I did not assume I would sell any art to supplement that income. Any art sale would be a bonus. I like the Arts and Crafts, so I can keep busy making clothing etc to donate to charities. Being a Workaholic means I like to keep busy. Good luck with your goals.

  3. Maybe I will pursue another big interest in my life, that of a Wildlife Carer. I do love our Wombats, Koalas etc. Being realistic I could probably become a Foster Carer for the Wombats. The Koala’s need the large trees, and that would not be possible with my current home in the inner city area. I would also like to care for the Foxes. Those animals that share this world, that have every right to be here, but are considered a pest or vermin with many of the Wildlife Care Groups. The bible states, ‘All creatures great and small’. I cannot say one animal deserves care but another one is not deserving of the same care. I used to rescue the horses, dogs and cats and even a couple of cows, when I had a few acre’s of land. I looked after and cared for all those animals at my own expense. With me they found a Forever Home. I doubt that I could look after the larger animals, with my physical limitations, and health related problems today. But I feel I could look after the smaller animals. PS I have always rated my animal friends as my No 1 friends, in almost equal value to the VIP’s in my Family.

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