I become a Bear in Winter, and spend my time in Hibernation.

I decided this Winter, that rather than attempt to live my usual lifestyle, and be confronted by the cold elements of our weather, it would be much easier to simply act like a Bear, and go into Hibernation for Winter.

I have many Art and Craft related hobbies to do that keep me busy, and  my mind occupied whilst I hibernate. A large collection of Art and Craft materials, that have accumulated over many years, and require attention and in some cases to be applied to projects is a good source to begin with.

Ideally it is an opportunity to start and complete many of these projects, which were put aside due to business and work commitments that took priority in the past.

So far this hibernation period, I have knitted more than forty Scarves. These are modern scarves, not traditional type scarfs. They are knitted into a circle, which makes them very easy to wear, without the constant tangles, and shifting of the tails of traditional  scarves when one is involved in physical activities.  I have seen them described as  Snood scarfs.

On average I knit at least one scarf per day. I intend to donate most of them to my local Church, to give away or for the Church’s own fund-raising. I have so far donated the first ten scarves to my church, together with seven of my Artworks. I have also given away a dozen or more of my scarves to my visitors.

In any other season, I may have held Garage Sales to sell my Craft and Home Made items, for the cost of materials only, but although I had a reasonable number of people arrive for a Garage Sale I held for Mother’s Day, I think most people would find it too cold to go to many Garage Sales during Winter.

This hibernation is also being applied to catch up on a form of  ‘spring cleaning ‘, of  administration duties that need attention, and sorting out and rearranging any neglected items inside my home.

Retirement, or semi retirement that I am currently practicing, is not all roses in my opinion. Having been a Workaholic all my life, it is difficult to sit around, or be idle in any way. I guess it is in my nature to be busy, and in my quest to keep myself busy, I am constantly on the lookout for more challenges.




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