Reflections on my life, and why and who I am today.

Reflections on my life, and some of the main elements that have influenced me, in the directions, and actions I have followed.

We four siblings, lost both our parents when we were quite young. The four siblings were all aged under twenty-one years, when our beautiful mother passed away, suddenly, and after a short illness. My father passed on just nine years later. We were all devastated. We were all basically on our own, without our beautiful and wonderful mentors to guide us.

We had many adults to turn to for support. Both my parents were very popular people, with a large group of personal friends, business friends, and people associated with their business interests in the cattle and horse businesses they both managed.  There were aunts and uncles on both parents side of the family, but all lived miles away in other towns and cities around Australia.

We did not seek support from those around us. In fact we all took off in many directions, literally, to remove ourselves from the loss and sadness of the huge loss of our beloved and loving parents. What was once a loving family home, filled with great happiness and two of the greatest mentors any child, or anyone  could be so lucky to have, was now empty.

My youngest sister Judy moved to Melbourne, and pursued further studies and embarked on a career in the Hospitality Industry. She was just sixteen years old when our mother passed on. My dear and late brother Brian stayed grounded, pursuing his career as a very successful Jockey, and later successful racehorse owner and trainer. My eldest brother Richard moved to Queensland for many years, but eventually came back to his roots and home town. I was encouraged to take a trip around Australia, with unbeknown to me, a very unstable friend. Needless to say this trip and experience was an absolute disaster. I was away for four months, but would have returned sooner, except for the lack of funds, and inability to escape the intolerable situation.

I was just a month short of my eighteenth birthday, when I had to bury the most important person and influence in my short life. I loved my father on an almost equal basis, but it was my beautiful mother who I felt exceptionally close to.

Unbeknown to me at the time of my mother’s death, I had just fallen pregnant to my long time boyfriend. I had been with John for  two years, as good friends with a mutual interest in car racing and fast cars. I had no intention of ever marrying, planning to be a spinster for my entire life.

The birth of my beautiful daughter in the following January, just nine months after the loss of my mother, basically was a life saver for me. The birth of  this beautiful child, brought me back to life, and gave me an enormous amount of happiness, which ensured for her entire life. Her death, just three and a half years ago, has  again brought an unimaginable amount of grief and loss into my life once again.

I truly believe, that had it not been for the hugely responsible and caring mentoring our beautiful and very intelligent parents provided to us, from a very early age, that my siblings and I would not have become as strong and independent that we are today.

Each of the four children have all had very successful lives, pursuing our careers, and running our own successful businesses.

Something that is noticeable to me is that although each of us married and had children, at a reasonably early age, each of those marriages did not last, and all four of the children have never gone back and had another attempt at marriage or relationships. We have all stayed single, and very independent.

In fact independence is of utmost importance to each of us. We value our own independence, and rarely if ever would any of us seek assistance in any form whatsoever.

We all value integrity, high moral values and ethics in our everyday lives.

More stories about the individuals, that made up my beautiful and incredible immediate family members will be included in my book, about my life. The title to my book, ‘An Interesting Life of a Nobody’, I believe, is an apt title. We are simply just ordinary people.

4 responses to “Reflections on my life, and why and who I am today.

      • Yes, I have started thinking about it but I must have content as well as a readable style and preferably lots of writable experience so that my content can be of “use” to other readers.
        I am often and perhaps the “silent” person though I have written poems before/currently.
        I do enjoy reading your write-ups about your past experiences and your current activities as they add to my “knowledge” of daily life for me.
        Hopefully, I can start my first blog before this year end.

      • I am no Author, just feel I have some great stories to tell, if anyone is interested. I would also hope to inspire the younger generation, and act as a mentor for those who may need it. I have mentored several younger people and watched them grow in their careers and aspirations in life. I will need a good Editor to make my stories readable. originally just wanted to write the book to pass it around to my own family, and their future generations. It will not ever be a top seller etc. I have read some great books in my lifetime, about ordinary men and women. One that always springs to mind is ‘A Fortunate Life’ by AB Facey. His story was very similar to my own fathers early life. I do appreciate your kind words. E

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