Reflections on recent events and in the past year.

Doing a load of reflecting whilst in hibernation.

It is unlike me to vent, or express my thoughts about other people, or unpleasant occurrences. I usually keep these thoughts and opinions to myself. However, recent events have caused me consternation, about some people, and the deterioration of ethics, standards and values that I see exhibited by both children and adults alike.

I use my personal Facebook Page like a Diary. The majority of my posts are made public, with only a few posts which are viewable only by myself.  I am a very open person, and consider if I have something to say, or comment on, or engage with social media on, it can be  viewed by anyone, not just my ‘face book friends’.

Most of my posts may be considered boring to some viewers. I post about my Art and Craft Projects, Recipes, Photography and other subjects that interest me. I respect my readers and do not publish controversial material, or discuss taboo subjects such as religion or politics.

The vast majority of my ‘facebook friends’ are really strangers. I have no idea who and what they are, or who the real person is behind their ‘facebook façade’.

I have noticed there has been no engagement by my facebook audience on a recent post. I made the following post after becoming quite disgusted with some of the material encountered, in viewing some of   my ‘facebook friends’ posts.

Here is my post, venting my disgust.

“This is NOT Personal, it only applies to some FB People, and not all FB Friends. When *some FB people asked to be my friend, I said yes, but only after I had checked out their FB Page, and Timeline. I was NOT to know that this was their *Public Face, or that the stuff that they made available to their *Facebook Friends would be very *different”.
I am embarrassed to look at some of their Facebook  Pages, Timelines etc, for what they show. It is an awkward position to be in. Sure I can ignore them, but the only other alternative is to *Unfriend them.
FB allows you to choose your audience, and in particular *specific friends* if you wish. So if you want to share ‘questionable topics, & photos etc’ that may not appeal to all of your friends, you have that option.
My ‘non controversial’ friends can look up and see other friends that have responded to some of my posts. I believe these ‘non controversial friends’ would also be shocked at what they might see on my ‘so-called FB friend’s posts’ . So rather than I get upset and disappointed at what my *FB friends* may share publicly to their *friends, I will unfriend these people.
Thank goodness for my ‘real life friends’, most of whom are not on FB, or if they are, they rarely post or communicate with others, they just use FB to keep in touch with family.
I only joined FB 2 years ago, purely to engage and promote my ART. I have no interest in finding some of the rubbish that I have seen on some of the Timelines in recent times. There appears to be a total lack of respect, ethics and morals out there in the Social Media.” (end of quoted post)






2 responses to “Reflections on recent events and in the past year.

  1. Hi Elizabeth…
    You are appropriately aligned in your views. The internet allows many many types of words/images and come from all directions of the compass….some of which add to our daily knowledge, some seek to inflict chaos in our mind etc and here is one that seek to show a “different” angle, perhaps to say….if you cant do this, you are not in this modern world.

    There was a post on my FB about an art gallery in the US or UK that featured nude paintings and for the opening night, all invited guests had to be totally nude in order to enter the gallery. The few images shown were discreet.

    To me, it was an example of a world gone into pretentious overdrive and pushing the envelope on the basis of creativity….but I learnt that this is how modern life evolves….

    For me, I look at FB and see this new world/behaviour evolving and know that it is tough to push back to basics.

    • Your example was interesting to say the least. But rather than a modern take on life, are they not in fact reverting back , from whence they came, as nudes back in the early days of the Cave Man ?. Or is it simply history repeating itself. Cheers

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