You are the Architect of your life.

You are the Architect of your life. If you want to succeed in life, you must draw up your plans, just like any Architect will do when he is designing a building.

Do you plan to fail in life ?. Surely not. Do you believe that if you just stumble along and do what everyone of your family and friends do, that you can succeed, or achieve your dreams, and goals.

Without a plan, how on earth can you expect to achieve the things that you desire in life.

If you fail to plan your life, than I doubt you will succeed.

Do you recognise the difference between needs and wants. Many people waste their lives with ‘wants’, rather than what they actually ‘need’.

One of the biggest detriments to any ‘life plan’ today, is the use of illicit drugs in our communities. If you really think these drugs are harmless and a bit of fun, think again. Most people who start off using drugs, end up addicted. They drop out of school, they fail to show up for work, and most end up reliant on the welfare system.

Any goals and life plans are cast aside, simply because once addicted to the regular use of illicit drugs, they find they are unable to stick to the daily requirements required to perform the simple steps, that will lead to success.

Achieving success in life does not require a University Degree for all occupations. Tradespeople can achieve a successful life, with a good income, by completing year 10 at High School, and then studying the courses required for their trade at Tafe and other secondary institutions. Time spent as an apprentice is required to gain practical work experience to complete their education as a Tradesman or woman.

When making your Life Plan, you need to list all the steps required, to achieve that plan. Your plan can start at any time, regardless of your age, but it is best to start the plan in your early years, or as a teenager. Starting with your education, followed by either University or College, you must list all the steps required, including the important time frames to achieve those plans.

I had the best mentors, my parents, and we started my Life Plan when I first entered High School at age 12 years. It started with the choice of subjects I required to study, to pursue my Life Plan.

I wanted to be either an Accountant of Lawyer, or maybe both as a Taxation Accountant. I left High School after year 11, enticed by a Taxation Accountant, a friend of my parents, who said he would ensure my progress to achieve my chosen career. Unfortunately, after a year working in his office, I was disappointed at the lack of formal training I was receiving from his office, and so I left.

My Life Plan was put on hold, as I succumbed to other situations, and then marriage and a baby by the time I was aged eighteen years.  The death of my mother before my eighteenth birthday was a major life event, that took many years to live with.

At age 28 years, although very happy with my beautiful young family, I was unhappy with other aspects of my life. I decided my  original Life Plan was far too important to me to forget, and so I set about rescuing and renewing my original plan.

I listed all the steps and requirements, with specific dates to achieve same. I studied firstly by correspondence, in order to balance my studies, with a very hectic family life and commitments.

After two years of study in my chosen field, I went looking for full time work, and found three wonderful jobs that would ensure my continued progress as a Taxation Accountant. These were three of the very best jobs, with the very best in the Industry, and it was a hard choice choosing the job. In the end I went with an International firm of Chartered Accountants. The experience and training, coupled with further ongoing studies was a dream come true.

I stayed with that firm until I outgrew my job, and moved to the City, to take up a position with another prestigious firm of Accountants. This was a smaller firm, with great career prospects, but my previous training and experience was far greater than anything they could offer me.

The only alternative for me was to start my own Professional Taxation Practice. I did this, and now over 30 years later, and looking back, I certainly can say, I really did achieve all my plans and  goals, and so much more.

I lived a full life, and partied and socialised as much as anyone could possibly want to. I often say I played the role of Superwoman for many years, as I worked full time, studied part time, raised my family, and rescued numerous horses, cows and dogs. Weekends were taken up with the various Horse Events, plus other sports that my family were involved in. On average I only had about four hours sleep each night for many years, as I juggled this very busy and hectic lifestyle.

My career took some dips and turns, but it is never too late to follow your dreams, but you must have a plan.

As an aside, I admit I rarely drank alcohol, and never took drugs. I did enjoy a fast paced lifestyle, with fast cars and fast horses for my thrills. My biggest love all through my life, was my family, and especially my eldest daughter.

So plan big, be dedicated to achieving your dreams and goals, and remember, when you make a promise to yourself, keep it. Never break a promise, that’s what dreams are made of. Promises and dreams equal a successful life.

For some people, life begins only when they finally take charge of their own destiny.

4 responses to “You are the Architect of your life.

  1. Yes, noteworthy suggestion to young as well as to those who still want to do more in the senior years…like me in my 70’s.

    Your streak of discipline and wisdom has rewarded you with accomplishments and contentment in many areas of your life….may your life be filled more with songs and gratitude for such.

    I did not have the “knowledge” you had and my life/career just took off on it’s own ( albeit I acknowledge that God has been absolutely kind to me and made my journey more pleasant than I could ever planned for ).

    What I have and who I am today is not of my planning…it was given to me out of grace and I hope to do as best as I can for others in acknowledgement of God’s gifts to me.

    I enjoy your writings and your approach to life.

  2. I am also a good Christian, and I have always shared my good luck and rewards with others. Firstly with my family, and then with strangers. I do not expect or invite accolades for my generosity, preferring to do it silently and without reward. I just enjoy helping other people where I can. I also like the motto of ‘feed a man a fish and he will be dependent on you all his life, but teach man to fish and he will be independent.’

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