Farm Life was Fun and games.

We had loads of fun, and even though we worked hard with loads of daily chores and jobs to do, we had fun doing them. With four siblings, with only four and half years between them, there were lots of tricks, games and laughing involved. And yes, there were squabbles and little fights, but they were quite rare.

All the animals that were the sole responsibility of each child, were more like our best friends, and we loved and played with them accordingly.

My cat followed me everywhere. I think she thought she was also a child. We made her a little harness, and carried her around strapped to my back. Riding a quiet horse was a cinch. Of course we never put her on our Wild Horses.

Caption on the following drawing,

It was a great idea, unfortunately the result was not as we had pictured it to be.
The cat thought it was a great idea too, until she changed her mind

003 - Copy

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