Some Organisations will become extinct without Social Media

Heads in the Sand People

Heads in the Sand People

003 004Not everyone is embracing Social Media. In fact some organisations are putting their ‘heads in the sand’, on the subject, but at what cost to them. The older generation, that makes up the majority of the current Churches’ congregation understandably have no use for Social Media. But what will the future hold for the Churches and other similar organisations, if they do not embrace the opportunity to communicate with the younger generations?

I recently had this experience. The head of the Church requested I set up Social media pages for the Church. However, he apparently did not have the backing from his Warden and Minders. The admin staff refused to provide information to assist me in any way whatsoever. After several requests  from my office, for  the Church’s admin staff to provide the information needed and required, they insisted that I shut down the Social media pages I had set up. This work was performed as a volunteer.

I am also pleased that I had delayed a substantial cash donation, originally intended to go to the church to assist them.

I pose the question, what will the Church do in the future to attract the next and future generations of parishioners, if the church fails to use the media that this generation users to communicate ?

In the meantime I am using Cartoon Style Drawings to spread the word, and for my Social Statement on this topic.



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