The Succulent Miniatures Project

The Succulent Project, is simply another ‘Boredom Fighting Technique’ I am employing to keep this workaholic busy

Diary of Progress. (copied from my Facebook entries) 001 (632x640)

Succulent Project – testing the theory the Succulents only grow the same size as the pot they are in, and experimentng with different methods to display them. I bought some tiny plastic cups from Kmart to grow them in. Some of these thinner plastics have proved a little difficult to make the holes in the bottom. The thicker the plastic, the easier it is to make the holes. I have also been raiding my existing Succulents to harvest the babies, and taking leaves to propagate. These are shots of some of the harvested plant babies, in their new tiny pots, and even tinier babies in a tray.. The Echevivia Black Prince are the last of the harvest, and will look wonderful contrasted with the new blues and greys.

Succulent Project continues.
I went shopping looking for stainless steel objects for my display ideas. I found these two fruit bowls at Kmart @$5.00 each, and hope to eventually join them together, once the plants are established.
I am trying to grow the plants vertically on the Succulent Ball. Trying to figure out how to get the plants to remain in this vertical position, without the soil in the pots falling out, has tested the grey matter. So far I have put in 4 plants, covered the pots with netting fabric to stop the soil falling out, and have tied each plant to the frame. Hoping once the plants spread roots and establish themselves, I can cut off the ties, and tidy up the netting fabric.

The beauty of using the fruit bowls means the ball has feet to remain stable on a level surface. At the moment it looks great on my outdoor coffee table, however it will need a permanent sunny spot rather than the shaded area under the veranda. Some succulents grow in semi shade, so if this project is successful, I will consider making a similar Succulent Ball using the plants that tolerate semi shade.

I plan on having between 12 to 16 plants in this ball. I am unsure whether I will add a saucer type container at the bottom with some other taller growing Succulents that will fill out the center. Alternatively I may only grow about 8 plants, leaving lots of space and allowing the stainless steel to be the focus of this

006 (640x472)002 (640x548)


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