A healthy mind, equals a healthy body.

A healthy mind, equals a healthy body. So many people make the mistake of only  exercising their body. They go to a gym, or walk, run or do other exercises. Other people  exercise their mind, by keeping the mind preoccupied at work, or with hobbies, other interests. Then there are the rest, who do not exercise their mind at all. But how many think about feeding the Brain, the specific food it requires ?

How many people actually think about keeping the Brain healthy ? The Brain requires feeding , with brain food,  and exercise, to have a healthy Brain.

The brain requires food and exercise, just as importantly as the body requires food and exercise.

How many people actually think about feeding their brains ? The brain requires certain foods to function at its best ability. It does not require to be overloaded, or have excess food, it just needs certain foods.

No wonder the world has so many people suffering from so many elements of dysfunction, related to the brain. Children start with learning difficulties, that lead to looking for an escape with the use of illicit drugs in their teenage years. Other people have difficulty finding work, after not being able to complete their studies. Some have problems with being overweight, and or social problems, and then there is dementia and Alzheimer’s in later years.

Then we have the huge population of people that are grossly overweight. It is obvious if they had a healthy mind to begin with, they would not have such unhealthy bodies.

Eating an excess of food is not healthy for the mind or the body. The brain needs  foods to function properly, just like you need good food for sports activities, and other strenuous exercise. Being Fat and overweight is very detrimental to your health, and of course it affects the mind, the Brain.

Just imagine, how much smarter, intelligent, creative you can become, simply by nourishing, and exercising and feeding your brain.

I personally prefer to start my day with a small breakfast consisting of predominately Brain Foods. Either Avocado, or Tuna on Toast, or  Eggs & Cheese on Toast. Alternatively I like Blackcurrant or Blueberry Jam on Toast.

Another favourite snack for either lunch or dinner, is simply a serving of steamed Spinach, drizzled with a delicious melted Cheese topping.

I noticed a huge improvement in my brain power, after starting to use the Brain Food Theory several years ago. I note if one Googles ‘Brain Food’ today, there are thousands of sites that have picked up and adapted, changed, advertise many different foods in the Brain Foods List.

The Original Brain Foods List

Tuna Fish, or similar Oily Fish









I also started using the Brain Food Theory on my dog. I started feeding her very small amounts of Tuna for breakfast. Within a week, she was displaying a noticeable difference in responding to words, and became very smart with her games.

Instead of allowing me to throw the ball, and the dog to fetch it, suddenly the dog was throwing the ball to me, and expecting me to fetch the ball. She had turned the tables. How did she throw the ball you may ask. The dog is a little Maltese Terrier, and she jumped up onto the sofa, with the ball in her mouth, and threw it onto the floor. She then barked at me, looked at the ball, barked again for me to fetch it.

Since that time, she has greatly increased her understanding of the words I use, plus she now plays with her toys by herself, for up to twenty minutes at a time. Shuffling the ball or toys around the floor, with Soccer Style paw movements, sending the toys in different directions, then fetching them herself, and repeating these moves. She also puts the toys back into her Toy box on a regular basis. How creative and clever is she now. Be warned, do not feed your dog Berries of any kind. I do not know about feeding a dog a small amount of Cheese now and again, but introducing them to Oily Fish should not pose a problem.







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