My Great (4) Grandfather- Judge John Kinchella

Judge John Kinchella was my Great, Great Great Great Grandfather (1774-1845). He was Attorney General of NSW 1831-1836, also the * First Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW.

I note also references to his role as Puisne Judge of Supreme Court 1836-1837 *further research and clarification is required regarding his role as Judge of Supreme Court NSW.

The above link is quite informative, a summary of his life. There is a substantial amount of information available online. However, be warned once you google the name  you will be inundated by all the activists on the Stolen Generation. *Note Judge John Kincella had nothing to do nor was involved in this activity, he simply owned the house, which I believe he donated to the city, for a home for the Poor Children. This home, was some 64 years after his death later used to house some of the stolen generation. It is such a shame his name appears tarnished when he had nothing to do with the Stolen Generation. The aboriginal body named the house Kinchela House.

That house had other names prior, including Juniper Hall by the original Cooper Family that built the house. Kinchela named  the home Ormond House.

There is more substantive information in the National Library of Australia here.

 I will add more information when time permits, and information is found.

The Kinchella Family Tree Photo. I am still working on my Family Tree, this photo was from an earlier tree that I had started, and for whatever reason, I cannot access it, so lucky I took a snapshot. I have started another tree, and am in the process of adding all those details and more. Family Trees are or can be a massive project. So far today I have spent 4 hours, with only a few names added. There are a lot of records, and some are incorrect, so finding the correct records can be time consuming.


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