Beauty in Dead Flower Photography

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I see beauty in almost everything, even my Beautiful Dead Flower Photography.

I was inspired to photograph the beautiful images I saw when I looked at some of my flower arrangements, when the flowers had died. I had never looked for examples, it was just my own idea. I have never seen any other similar photographs of beautiful flowers. Sure there are plenty of ugly shots out there, but they are not as Photography subjects, but rather for another reason.

Wow, was I surprised when I came across this very famous Irish Photographer Kevin Abosch, and his photograph of Flowers 2009. I was unaware of this photographer until I saw the article in the papers in the last couple of days about the sale of his Irish potato Photograph that sold for $1.5 million. Most of his photographs sell for a minimum of $150,000 each.

Just imagine my surprise to find a famous photographer also sees beauty in the Dead Flowers. I will never be in his league, but I have had some great responses to some of my Dead Flower photographs on Facebook.

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