The End of a Beautiful & Rewarding Career

It is with sadness that I have decided to call it a day on another great ‘love of my life’, my Career as a Taxation Professional. I am officially resigning as at March 31st, 2016.

I have thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of this time. I loved the challenges confronting me with Taxation, as it applied to so many different clients, in so many different circumstances. I enjoyed reading the many Taxation Laws, with the numerous changes and new laws, interpretations invariably updated each year, and after the Laws were contested by the Courts.

I was not one to attend meetings, or talks provided by the various Tax Organisations Society’s, to teach one about the Law. I preferred to understand it thoroughly myself, and arm myself with the knowledge of how it was designed to apply, together with its shortcomings, of how it could be applied.

It was this in depth knowledge that won me a job with a very large International  Firm of Chartered Accountants. My role in that organisation was to take charge of all Objections and Amended Assessments on behalf of clients. It was my role to investigate , research and prepare the Objections on behalf of the firms clients for our fight with the Taxation Office. I won every objection, and dispute with the Tax Office.

The exposure to a huge range of client’s, with a vast array of very different circumstances across all Business types and Industries was tantamount to the very rewarding success in my career.

When I left that firm to go into business on my own, I had a stunning Resume of experience behind me. It was easy to impress my clients with my background in this Profession. Within a year of commencing my Business, I had tripled my earnings.

Many of my clients have been with me since my first year in Business, and they have refused to leave when I retire.

I admit I worked on average eighteen hours a day seven days a week for the first five or more years. I loved my work, loved what I was doing, so it never felt like work, but more like a very enjoyable past time.

I have only been working part-time for the past ten or so years, in order to have a better work life balance, and to spend more time with my family. I am a workaholic, its in my genes, so for whatever reason I am always busy doing something constructive or creative.

Some very good investment decisions were made quite early in my career that rewarded me with some great passive investment earnings, enabling me to reduce my workload, without affecting my income.

My health has deteriorated quite rapidly in the past four years, which has forced me to take stock of my life. I had expected to continue my Tax Practice well into my eighties, like my father, who was still breaking in the wild young horses at age eighty four. My father died as a result of an accident, and subsequent neglect of his internal injuries by Medical Staff at the Hospital.

Some words of advice for the younger generation. Choose a career preferably doing something that you really enjoy. Then work and study for as long as required to achieve your dream career. Choosing a good first employer to provide you with the best work experience is a must. That employer is not necessarily the one that will pay the most salary, but the one providing the best work experience you require.





One response to “The End of a Beautiful & Rewarding Career

  1. As a bystander, I can only cast admiration for your zeal and attitude…..I guess you will adopt the same approach in regards to this stage of life and your budding health issues….to arrive at the same satisfied stage of achievement….well wishes….

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