Yummy, Pork with Apple & Honey Dumplings

Pork with Apple & Honey Dumplings. Yum. My very own Recipe.

This recipe makes about 12 dumplings. Ingredients. 250 grams minced pork, one apple peeled, and diced finely, 2 tablespoons of Honey, and a pack of Wonton wrappers.(Safeway stock Wonton Wrappers in the fridge section)
Takes about 20 mins to prepare & cook. No need for eggs to bind ingredients, as the Honey holds them together.
Mix Pork, Apple & Honey in a bowl. Take one teaspoon and place onto a Wrapper, wrapping the edges to hold the mix inside. Then place Dumplings into a Steamer, leaving space around each Dumpling, and steam for about 5-6 minutes until cooked. Alternatively you can grill or fry same.

Pork with Apple & Honey Patties.
Take same mixture, (without wonton Wrappers) and simply shape mixture into a ball, and cook as Pork Mince Patties. Be careful not to have the pan too hot, as the Honey cooks, burns quickly.
Or one can use less Honey in the Patties, and add some plain flour and an egg, to bind the ingredients, as per typical Meat Patty Recipes.
Another option to try, is make a thick batter of flour & water, roll the Pork, Apple & Honey mixture into balls, then dip the balls into the batter mix, and shallow fry.

There are more of my own Recipes, on my Facebook Page, in Notes Section, which I will add to this site shortly.


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