My Twiddling Thumbs Projects

004 (640x588).jpg004-640x595007-640x507003-640x550001-640x586001Twiddling Thumbs is my term for the many passive activities I continue to do. I have always been a Workaholic, and that has not changed with my recent newly diagnosed health problems.

I have been indulging my love of the Arts & Crafts, with loads of sewing and knitting, plus some Art, since I officially retired from my Taxation Practice in March 2016.

The latest Twiddling Thumbs Project of Embroidery, commenced late November, early December. I have not done any Embroidery for decades. My gorgeous mother taught me Embroidery when I was about five years old.

It was the sight of Ribbon Embroidery that stirred my renewed interest. I had not seen Ribbon Embroidery  before and decided it would be an interesting challenge to teach myself same.

I found it is not as easy as it looks. Most web sites about Ribbon Embroidery suggest it can be done on any material. That’s not been my experience, since I have found it has been quite difficult to push the very large Embroidery Needles through most cotton materials that I have used. One needs quite large needles with big eyes for the ribbon to be threaded through. I have resorted to using a pair of pliers to assist me to do same.

So far I have completed four Doilies, with another two almost completed. All of these are what I describe as ‘Samplers’, they are simply my examples of practicing the various techniques, and different styles of Flowers.

I have no use for the finished Doilies. I am like many people today, we apply a minimalistic Décor style to our home furnishings. Doilies are quite old fashioned, although people who prefer a Cottage or country Style Décor in their homes may still use them.

So these are examples of my work to date, showing the completed Doilies and those still as Work in Progress. They are not great examples of Ribbon Embroidery, just a learner, still on ‘L’ Plates having a go with this Craft.


3 responses to “My Twiddling Thumbs Projects

  1. I just added another photo of the latest Doily completed. I changed some of the flowers, now there are Alliums on the LHS, Hydrangea on top RHS, and Dutch Iris on the bottom. Yes the Trim goes all the way around, just not the latest photo. Am rather pleased with this one, its still practice, far from perfect. But practice makes perfect, eventually.

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