My life so far, in a Nutshell.

When I was young, I drew the  animals and birds around our farm. I won a couple of Art Competitions between the age of 12 and 14. My parents sat me down to discuss what subjects I should study at High School, and what career I should pursue. I said I thought I would like to become an Artist, but my mother suggested that the life of an Artist would be a hard life. Female artists were never as popular as the males, and I may struggle to earn a living, regardless of the merits of my Art. My parents suggested as I was good at numbers, that a career as an Accountant or similar profession would be more suitable for me.

My parents were self employed, they ran their own horse and cattle business. The children were taught all aspects of their business, including hands on learning and training.

My first job after leaving school was in an Accountants office. He was a friend of my parents, and they dragged me out of school to start my career. He said he would fast track it, giving me hands on work experience and I could gain my qualifications as I worked.  Unfortunately, after being chased around the office, and fending off his unwanted advances I quit after a year.

Fast foward past my teenage years, the rock n roll years, fast cars and handsome young men, and next thing I knew is I was married with two little girls. I was just 22 years old. My mother had died when I was just 18 years old. I was devastated.

By age 30 I decided I really wanted a career, being a mum and a homemaker was incredibly rewarding, but it was not enough. I studied Accounting and Law by correspondence, whilst working full time.

Being  Superwoman was natural. I not only had two young daughters, I rescued horses and gave them new homes at my place. I took on my fathers hobby of retraining horses that had acquired problems, and I taught  children to ride horses. I had a collection of five horses, and my eldest daughter had my love of horses. She was a very competitive Little Miss, and started Pony Club at age five, from there we did the whole Show circuit, Horse Events and Gymkhana’s.

It was an incredibly busy period in my life. After completing my studies I went to work with KPMG and spent five very rewarding years with one of the great international accounting firms. Females were promised promotion on merit, but after a while I realised it would only be males who would become partners.

I was serious about my career and decided to spread my wings. I left the country and headed straight to the city. Melbourne was my choice as I had many happy memories of the big smoke. After just five years with a small boutique firm of accountants, I was bored. I quit my job, and decided I would start my own business. I would never work for another again. I wanted to do things my way.

For the first six months I worked part-time in the evening as a Customer Service Officer with a large firm. One needed money to survive, and whilst I spent my days finding and building my business. I started my business from scratch, with nothing but determination. I had my first clients within a month, and running a full time business within a year.

Fast forward 25 years of working, at the beginning 18 hours a day, 7 days a week until 10 years ago when I cut it back to a 40 hour week.

Now I have entered retirement, and life is dramatically different. I am bored and at the same time sad, that life has flown so quickly. I am currently experimenting with different projects to find more meaning to my life.

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