The Artist in me

I was an artist, and I am creative. I am also a Professional person. I might become an author. My hobbies and interests include photography, dress making, art, and sociology. My life, my interests, hobbies and careers are intertwined.

As for my career as a Taxation Professional, I embraced it with 100% commitment. I was as successful as I wanted to be. I did not embrace or seek fame and fortune. I simply wanted to earn a good living, doing what I loved the most. Job satisfaction meant everything to me. If you love what you do, then it’s not considered work, not in the ordinary sense. Truthfully it was work, in the sense of the time and commitment involved.

My aspirations to become an Artist, were short-lived. I did harbour the idea of becoming an artist from about the age of ten years old, until about age 15 years. My commitment to a career as an artist was less than 50%, due to my secondary school education requirements. My parents clipped my wings and ideas in relation to a career in the arts. They brought me back to earth, when they suggested another career subject would be financially more rewarding.

My parent’s advice was to concentrate on a professional career, and leave the artist in me, to my  spare time, as a hobby, or in retirement. I found that I had left myself very little time for hobbies, or for the art. My career required 100% commitment and I gave it my best shot. Running the household as a mother of two daughters, five horses, two dogs and cats, plus studying, and working full time was a super human effort.

The artist in me has been an intermittent escapade. Many years passed before I came up for air, or found the time for my hobbies. It was not until my 40’s, when I again tried to focus on my art as a hobby, and deliberately made time in my busy schedule for this project. Painting the racehorses, combined with focusing on my other hobby of photography was a delightful reprieve from work in the late 1980’s. I spent several months to a year, indulging in my passions.

When I decided my career needed a boost, it was an enormous decision. There were limited opportunities to further my career, available to me living in the country. I made the move from the country to the city, to find a bigger market and so my hobbies were put aside again.

Within a few months of settling into city life, I decided I could afford to have an allocated spare time for my hobbies. I decided that photography would be achievable within the time frame allowed. Photographing the big name racehorses that travelled to Melbourne for the Spring Racing Season was an easy choice. I loved the horses, and could meet and greet hundreds of horses, in a vibrant and exciting venue most Saturday afternoons.

The photography and hobby projects were put on hold, when I made another career change, and started my own business and Taxation Accounting Practice.

It has only been in the past three years, in semi retirement mode that I have made a commitment of 50% or more of my time to become the artist. The life long plan to do my art in retirement is finally within sight.

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