Melissa Ann Kilpatrick- Her Life Story

Melissa Ann Kilpatrick 1966-2012, another extraordinary person who passed on far too early. Melissa was my first born child. She was such an adorable child, when she was little it was as if I was playing with a real life doll. She was such a good child, she rarely did anything that required scolding or a reprimand. She was good at understanding adults, and understanding what was expected of her.

She loved what we did, what our life and goals were about. I can only assume this as she went along with almost everything we asked of her, she appeared to be happy most of the time, and loved the animals and the lifestyle she was born into.

A dedicated student, the teachers bumped her from grade 4 directly into grade 6. She missed grade 5 as the teachers said she was far too advanced and would thrive in a more advanced environment.

She was riding horses just like me at an early age, and could not wait to be old enough to join our local Pony club. She was an advanced rider and could easily have gone to pony club at age 4, but the rules said they had to be 5 years of age.

Melissa had other sporting interests outside of the horses. She excelled at Athletics, and joined the local Little Athletics organisation almost as soon as she started school.

Our after school hours, and before school activities were hectic with her combined sporting interests.

As she got older she took up playing squash and tennis, but preferred squash.

At about age 14 she took up Speed Skating. The Roller Skating, Speed Skating saw her fast tracked in her first year and she broke some big records within a year, competing at state championships.

Her bedroom and our living room was filled with Trophies and Ribbons from her sport.

She was my soul mate, my right arm, my greatest critic, and my biggest fan.

More stories will be added about this very beautiful person, with a heavenly soul.

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